Wield the scalpel 

I know your every secret 

What made you shiver 

What made your heart skip a beat

We are more intimate 

Than you have ever been 

A star crossed lover 

A passerby

A stranger in the woods 

A forbidden desire 

I am your supreme controller

I can destroy you 

Or I can help you attain the salvation 

That you never received 

Come hold my hand 

Or embrace me 

My arms wide open 

Morbid stranger of the night 

Let you , incise me ,

Hello , justice divine 



As she swept the tendril of hair

Across her face , tucking it away

Did she imagine his soft caress 

Akin to a feather 

Her skin supple…

Against the pulp of his fingers 

On the spur of the moment 

Yet eternally intimate.


As I passed into your world … did I begin to feel like an extraordinary girl … it wasn’t a trivial glance or chance , neither was it a flitting , cowardly little romance . 

Follow the melody , let me strum the strings to your heart , at last , I may drive my very own hearse, when all I thought about everything was curse , you are no blessing in disguise , you are the flavour to the tea I never liked , the curtains opening on a scene I never enacted , 
Oh my dear, stay with me forever so near.. 

beyond the horizon of rivulets , to the endless dawn, to the fathomless nothingness of space , it is never ever too late . 


Time was created , and the creator was named

Creation was done in some image 

Who’s image ? 

Who’s right ? …. 

Projections of power ,

Projections of control ? 

Projections of sadism . 

The creator of the damned , the wooden puppets, 

Engulfed in the blue hue of the planet ,

Submerged , where ? 

A force to be reckoned with ? 

No .

It is not an entity . 

It is the way it is , we are to become , nobody decides.

It is a form of , submission , it is a malevolence to reckon with , it is made to , build and tear down , it is a phenomenon, and we are the subjects .

This is an extortion.  


Why was there disease ?

How did I not recognise it ? 

Getting starved slowly from within 

My broken temperament 

A meal for the greedy egos

I ask .. was it me?

And I ask again . And again.. and again.

Disease of the mind they say

Is the worst of it’s kind

I cannot see in the dark

After being illuminated in the light

I cannot face the illusions 

When touch, sight and taste felt 

So real to me 

Where did you go ? 

Leaving me in the wasteland 

Of my half eaten mind 

I can question the injustice 

But who’s going to listen to me? 

Failing heart , embroiled the failing mind

Train of thoughts 

Lost behind the drawn blinds . 


Never did I think

You could affect me this way . 

Terribly short time 

With this avid display

I would tell you , I’ve been waiting 

But that would put a price 

That would make me

Vulnerable, even more to you.

I do not know, your intended purpose

But you make me feel 

A different kind 

Of minds in harmony 

Thoughts in synchrony

I think about you 

Day and night

You pave paths in my dreams 

Hold me close in reality

But we are doomed 

For there is no looking back 

And neither do we have a forward .. 

I know you know it, 

Or is it just a hope I have? 

Let me flood myself 

With this one sided reality, 

Where my right is only mine.. 

All I know is. 

You are precious . 

But I have drawn the line 


Iridescent shades of blue and green..
Enclosed in the aviary !

National pride of ,

The Indian subcontinent .

Predators of mice ,

Junior members of,

The bigger feline entities !

House pets,

Time servers ,but ,

By and large , highly endeared !!

Procreation is scientific ,

Or, so they say .

The creatures around you …

Been sentenced to the ,

Explanations of logical reasoning .

Your vision robs you of ..

Multiple experiences .

Blinded and fumbling .

Groping for familiarity.

Do you see the blend ?

That is your separation !

But in truth ,

It is a fusion.

Radical ! 

Novel theory ..

Of reality .

But fantasy !

In your world …

In your soul …

In the air …

And the water .

Escape the illusion …

May your soles burn !

With being worn out …

In search for the ,

Lost salvation !

Correction !!

Rectification. !!!


You came , you saw , you conquered 

But have you ever wondered ?

What became of me ,

Broken vows, stolen heart

Ripped part by part , 

You were my treasured counterpart 

But I was the passing music charts 

Days of countless words exchanged 

Nights of laughter and lust

When you waltzed out

You fragmented the trust 

And it took me all my might 

And numerous endless nights 

Never a thought given 

You took off in self absorbed flight 

This is not a pity party

Or an idiotic reason for getting naughty 

Henceforth will I smirk and fight 

Protect and safeguard my right 

And you’ll can go and fly kites !

If it means walking alone 

I embrace , and delve into the forlorn 



Dominoes falling to the effect ..

One of them the primary defect 

Or was it all on you ? 

You must take part blame too 

Tit for tat they say , 

And we are at the receiving end 

Of unwanted pay

This was never asked 

Should've put on a mask 

Restrained within a flask 

Would not have been 

Such a gut wrenching task ..

Will you ever see the cascade ?

Of your cold hearted masquerade .

How will I ever mend 

When I feel there is seemingly no end 

My younger self 

Would not recognise this older self 

Did not have the heart to say no more

Now the innards are a bloody gore

I started out fine 

Why didn't I draw the line 

I would cry out for help 

Like a wounded dog would yelp

But the time has passed .. 

My conscience is far from amassed

For I am nevermore

In the world evermore. 

Death becomes 

Dancing to the rhythm 

Playing to the gallery 

Songs for society 

Born free , but tamed ?

No personal purpose 

We have grown into shades of multiple colours 

To or not to our very own quirks 

Tragically taken at a tender age 

Or malignancy feasting on your flesh 

Where do you end up 

But with the tombstones , dead 

Your blood runs red 

You get cut , you bleed then 

Why does ego need a sumptuous feed ?

Do you know to what end you traverse ?

Have you attained the fulfilment 

Your greed desires?

No you haven’t , or you have ! 

But you will end up 

Beneath the mound 

Taken forever , 

Fed to the graves, hungry hound.