Never did I think

You could affect me this way . 

Terribly short time 

With this avid display

I would tell you , I’ve been waiting 

But that would put a price 

That would make me

Vulnerable, even more to you.

I do not know, your intended purpose

But you make me feel 

A different kind 

Of minds in harmony 

Thoughts in synchrony

I think about you 

Day and night

You pave paths in my dreams 

Hold me close in reality

But we are doomed 

For there is no looking back 

And neither do we have a forward .. 

I know you know it, 

Or is it just a hope I have? 

Let me flood myself 

With this one sided reality, 

Where my right is only mine.. 

All I know is. 

You are precious . 

But I have drawn the line 


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