One toe… away from

The black nothingness ..



Blankness escalates into detail ..

Begins at the gene level

Accelerated by riches

Painted on

As if , determined to be

The infamous court jester ..

All yearning to be the dancers …

Are foolish little mimes,

When painted features

Influence the swaying mind

Ultimately you are

Meagre , an imitator …

With sheer lack of insight .


As I looked unto the mountains ..

Looming over me ..

As I walked into the shadow of the vale

Did I feel myself trembling

As I attempted to swim across the rough waters

Did I think the stillness would be an easy go

As I stepped into the stagnation

Did I feel the weeds consuming me so

As I flew through the crisp air ..

Did I feel that , down underground appealed more so

As I dug into the earth beneath me ..

Did I feel my fingers morph into claws

As I felt my breath , did I feel the peace ,most endearing

But as my breath left me ….

Did I feel my soul rejoicing …


You base emotion on artificial creativity,

Link relations to man made prosperity

Is that the market value you desire

Is that justified in a societal manner ?

Did you not see beyond the minarets

Or hear further than the tolling of the bells ?

Can you not fathom a world void of chants ,

Picture a world filled with humanity ? ..

Can you transcend the futile ways ?

For yours can truly be a blossom more beautiful than all the Mays’ .


The astounding response , was most unexpected
The gold galore was unwanted to me
Thought it served as mere legs
I patronised it as a baseless bottom
Wrecking voyagers masts,
Seemed like a life worthwhile
Invasions rendering pearls and rubies
Lost in the vale of the coral wilderness
Perched on the slippery, nature-carved
Rocks of death and breath , behold
Mansion or bungalow , whatever as it's told .
Resides the peaceful folklore ,
Candles flickering indecisively
Reminiscing,gold chides me ,
But the lavender was seeking me
Laying to restlessly erupt in finality .
I was causative to the rise , when and by
I was lying on the turquoise
Superimposing on calendars, in a profound manner of speaking
I never dreamt , nor had an inkling .
Dimensions swirling in a parallel universe
Rejuvenates a multi level whorl .
And I become a fluttering
Avian , cognitive yet being .. !
Transcending every world ,
Extraordinary girdle

What’s wrong ?

What’s the matter ? 

Is the frequency of your voice too high for you to hear ?

Let me tell you something my dear , 

Let me give you a discourse 

On your greatest fear .

You are a silly little retail,

In an enormous world of detail . 


Of course , you think , 

You’re quintessential.

What’s wrong ?

Are you stuck ? 

Tsk tsk . 

Too bad . 

Don’t bother feeling sad . 

Think about revolutionising ,

And becoming 

Kinda rad .

And be exempt from the 

Epidemic fad. 

Be a special kinda lad .