My Ode to Dr Hannibal Lecter 

Sunken eyes simulates the dead of night Through the harrowing dark cesspools 

There is unique perspective so sublime 

Infinitesimal details are of paramount value 

Your high arched cheekbones 

The gauntness hidden within your soul 

Oh the surface there is a tranquility 

Waiting to be stirred 

The ripples eager to commence 

The thin smirk that appears on your lips 

Are in lieu of your ability to anticipate 

And gauge , fear , happiness , love , lust , care and power all the same 

The lean overbearing frame is your embodiment of self pride and learning 

Intimidation is your weapon of destruction 

And when you speak, many will fall prey 

To the seduction in your voice 

You can coax , persuade , instigate and be saviour or destroyer to anyone who’s fortunate or unfortunate enough to tread across your path.

And as far as righteousness goes, 

Your magnanimity overshadows the morality of everything of significance. 

You are another realm

And represent numerous dimensions 

Nobody exercising control like you do . 

Dr Hannibal Lecter , you are the conquerer

And alas , we are the conquered. 

Frivolity in humanity 

You think you are the only one Who wants to have fun in the sun 

But you think not of the sounds and cry 

How I wish it were all a lie 

The harsh reality and the burnt out light 

Falls prey to the tiger of the night 

And while our heads rest upon our bed 

Their soul sees and hears the dead

Be it supernatural or otherwise 

From day one all they’ve known is compromise 

World of pretentious charity 

Only clarity in disparity 

Ethiopia to Zambia 

Across the deserts of Namibia 

From the clutches of war torn Syria 

To the empty stomach of Eritrea 

We must bask in the true brutality 

And deny every nationality 

the profound gift of humanity 

Coachella music festival is vanity

requires unexpressed profanity 

Oh alas this is a tragedy 

An anomaly 

No simile 

Metaphorically , a liability 

To the pits of the condemnation 

Every person , all creation .